Most Forex Traders fail. We are here to help.

Most Forex traders want to build an account that can ultimately lead to complete financial independence. At FOREXAISIGNALS we understand this. We assist traders that would normally fail to succeed.


Do you follow a very strict discipline when you trade or do emotions sometimes take over?
FOREXAISIGNALS takes the emotion out of trading, providing unemotional, unequivocal forex trade signals.

Do you have a trading plan? Is it consistent? Do you trade too often? Do you have a lot of small “wins” followed by one or two big “losses”. Your situation is not unique at all. Many successful traders still find themselves in this position from time to time.
FOREXAISIGNALS will guide you to ensure that you become successful.

Many traders make huge amounts of money in the Forex market. It is one of the biggest markets in the world where in excess of $3 trillion per day is traded. As a result there is a huge oversupply of information as well as fake news and strategies by market participants to do, for example, “stop hunting” in order to make money from smaller retail traders.
At FOREXAISIGNALS, our smart technology solution assist us to adapt immediately when required.

Many traders merely need guidance and sometimes confirmation that their trading plan and strategies are correct.
FOREXAISIGNALS, with its proprietary artificial intelligence and mathematical modelling, assist both new and successful traders in the process of gaining additional insights into markets. We assist traders to ensure that trades are not placed by way of trial and error.

We assist traders to build trading accounts and place trades that can lead to financial independence. Most traders understand that this is a process, and depending on account size and risk appetite this can take a few months or even years.
Our team at FOREXAISIGNALS ensures that these expectations are the foundation of our signals in order to maintain long term success.

We trade every signal with real money on our own account

Our goal is to provide subscribers with signals that have a high “win rate”. We minimize losing trades and aim to make significant gains on each successful trade.

Our commitment is to make those same trades we provide signals for to give you a transparent view of our performance. Allowing you to make an informed decision about following the educational advice we give.

We use cutting edge technology

We have built an advanced proprietary trading solution that augments traditional Forex trading practices (technical analysis) by combining physics and mathematics (e.g., energy modelling and trend filtering) and cutting edge artificial intelligence with real-time data mining, to generate more accurate trading signals consistently.

We have real knowledge and expertise

Our team includes, traders, data scientists, AI experts, and mathematicians. We provide retail traders with incredible depth of experience, which is unheard of in the FX market.

Meet Our One & Only

Team of Experts


Our trading algorithms are an AI-assisted combination of the following modelling techniques.  

1. Wave Energy modelling:

  • Wave energy maths
  • Determine trend strength
  • Different time-periods
  • No trade zones
  • AI optimised decisions

2. Noise filtering & mean regression mathematics:

  • How big is the noise
  • Set SL & TP outside noise
  • Short-term reversions
  • Regression analysis
  • Correlations sets volume

3. Speech and Sentiment analysis on social channels:

  • Quickly interpret events
  • Speech sentiment analysis
  • Social media analysis
  • When not to trade
  • When to hedge

4. Technical Analysis:

  • Confluence indicators
  • Resistance / Support levels
  • Depth of market (banks)
  • Real-time optimization
  • Market sentiment


For a limited time only, you can sign up for a free 14-day (10 trading days) trial period. During the trial period, you will receive free forex signals that you can test out to see if the service works for you. You can cancel at any time, but if you choose to retain your subscription, you will be billed a low subscription fee of $29 per month for all 5 currency pairs.

Our goal is to send 4-5 signals per week for the currency pairs at this stage.

We initially target 300-400 PIPS per month.

Each subscriber will receive:

Entry price level: i.e., 1.1150




Our Forex Signals will be sent out to your registered email address, so make sure that you sign up with a valid email address.

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Forex Trading Education

What you have to understand about Retail Forex Trading!

It is a myth that Forex trading is a quick money-making scheme – yes, you can make a lot of money with one trade, but due to the high risk inherent in leveraged trading, you can very easily wipe your whole account on the next trade, which is income for Market maker brokers and the reason they entice you with bonuses. It takes time and skill to understand and refine the essential requirements for consistent good results in Forex trading:

  • Good entry signals and win % is important, but the discipline to only trade good signals at the right times is crucial
  • Money management strategies to minimize your risks and accurately set Target Price and Stop losses is even more important.
  • Knowing when to target a higher profit over a longer term and with a higher trade volume will increase your profits, no matter the win% and number of PIPS made on average.
  • You will have losing trades; 100% success rates is a myth, because markets are not driven by Retail traders, but by external shocks and big banks that has to move money and will optimize their trades for their benefit.
  • Doing what everybody else does and using the same tools, but expecting different results will keep you in one of the 90% of retail traders that loses money.
  • Trading with the same expertise as hedge fund and asset managers in the big banks is the only way to consistently make profits, one trade at a time

Forex Trading Education

Educational Links For you To Follow!

See the following educational links to understand the structure and basic fundamentals of Retail Forex trading:



Non-dealing desks:
Market makers vs Non-Dealing Desks: Market maker brokers (the majority of brokers) essentially accepts the other side of your trade, so they are incentivized to trade against you and make money when you lose money. So when you are offered bonuses to entice you to trade with a specific broker – run the opposite way! Non-Dealing Desks referred to as Straight Pass-Through (STP) or Electronic Communication Networks (ECN’s) aggregates pricing from different banks to get the best price per trade; earning their commission from the banks and therefore incentivized to offer best service and pricing to traders.

Another advantage of any NDD broker is certainly the spread, which is usually much lower (sometimes even zero) than the Market Maker one, and the ability to operate at extreme speed, even in scalping mode.

Most NDD brokers also have very good trading platforms (this is where you can view graphs, use indicators, follow other traders through social copying and place your trades), because they are incentivized to give you the best service. There are also a number of free trading platforms that you can subscribe to, e.g. Metatrader, but we prefer CTrader as it is more modern with a better interface.

See more information on choosing a good broker, here:

Further information on the difference between Direct Market Access (DMA), ECN and STP brokers can be found here:

A list of true ECN/STP Brokers, with comparisons and costs can be found here:

Anton Kreil: why 90% of Retail traders lose money:

Structure & fundamentals of retail trading:

So can Retail traders make money? If So How?



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